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Various Artists: A Technicolor Dream
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A Technicolor Dream (feat. Pink Floyd & The Pretty Things)
A Technicolor Dream (feat. Pink Floyd & The Pretty Things)

Catalogue No: EREDV710

Barcode: 5034504971073
DVD | Release: 13/10/2008

A Technicolor Dream is the story of the Underground movement in the UK during the sixties and leads up to its culmination at The 14 Hour Technicolor Dream, an all night “musical happening” that was held at Alexandra Palace on the 29th April 1967. The story takes in CND marches in the early sixties, the foundation of the London Free School and from that the International Times, the UFO Club and the Notting Hill Carnival. There are brand new interviews with Roger Waters and Nick Mason from Pink Floyd, John “Hoppy” Hopkins, Joe Boyd, Kevin Ayers, Barry Miles, Arthur Brown, Phil May from The Pretty Things and many more. All of this is set in a musical context with the music of Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd.

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Arnold Layne
Astronomy Domine
The Scarecrow
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